Eye Exams Comprehensive

During your comprehensive eye exam at Blue Ridge Vision we screen for serious eye conditions, including but not limited to glaucoma, cataracts, retinal issues, dry eye and other eye diseases.  Additionally we generate the most precise clarity of vision for your new eyewear prescription.  We are also able to take a closer look inward using the latest eye care technologies, including Optos retinal photos allowing for flexibility with those pesky dilating eyedrops and OCT scanning. Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment and expertise, we provide some of the most attentive and professional eye disease management in the High Country.  We’re always sure to give you time to ask any questions you may have about your eyes or eyewear options!

Cataract Surgery Consultation

If you believe that cataracts are affecting your vision, schedule a consultation: we can diagnose your case, discuss your vision correction goals, and decide how personalized cataract surgery can best help you. We’ll connect you to an expert surgeon who we trust to provide the best outcomes, and we’ll be on-hand to make sure that you get the support you need with pre and post-operative care.

Lasik Consultation

Interested in LASIK Surgery? Schedule a consultation and get the information you need in a relaxed setting. If you decide LASIK surgery is right for you, we’ll get you scheduled with the best surgeons to perform the procedure. We’ll take care of all your pre-op and post-op needs here in our comfortable atmosphere.

Call or stop in to schedule your appointment today!

Contact Lens Evaluation

Want the most comfortable contact lenses to fit your eyes perfectly? BRV can help.  Our doctors determine the best brand, wear schedule, and prescription to fit your budget and lifestyle.  New to contacts?  We can handle that too.  In addition to the doctor determining the best fit, one of our staff members will walk you through the do’s and don’t s of caring for your contact lenses and learning how to insert and remove them.

Eyewear Consultation and Frame Adjustments

All of our frame vendors are decisively selected and each frame in our office is handpicked.   Our staff will help select the most fitting style frame to fit your facial features and lifestyle.  With frames styles ranging from classic to atypical we will find what you are looking for.  With a new frame purchase or gently loved frames, we custom adjust and fit to give you the best comfort.

In House Lab

Glasses made right here on site in as little turnaround time as 1-2 days.  Our in-house technician uses the latest technologies to edge custom made lenses or in house lenses into the shape of your new glasses.  We take into consideration the most accurate measurements to ensure your glasses provide the most optimal vision.  During your visit to Blue Ridge Vision you may hear some unusual sounds, but don’t fear; you have not entered the dentist’s office, we are grinding lenses, not teeth!